If You Have a Bad Boss, Replace Him!

I have written here already that the best thing that can happen to your career is to have a bad boss … or more. You cannot possibly collect them all, even though it may seem sometimes that they all ended up on your reporting line.

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Let’s say you are in the most likely situation of having at least one bad boss. When I say bad boss I mean any gender version of a boss, not only the masculine ones. There are also feminine versions of a bad boss, maleficent sometimes. Both types may come with a general evil package.

British scientists from all over the world have demonstrated that the most powerful reason why people leave a company is the boss. That no good boss , so I don’t call them bad again, because it’s not an IQ / EQ debate here.

If you tried everything humanly possible, but still cannot bear to work with your manager, the best option for you is to change the boss. In case you really like the company you work for, but not the boss, then you can check sideways for some lateral opportunities, there might be some pleasant surprises nearby.

Don’t fall in the trap of becoming discontent of the boss, sooner or later you’ll end up hurting yourself. Chances that he/she will change for the better are most times minimal or gravitating toward 0.

You can have a positive attitude and think that everything will get better, meaning the boss will become even more stupid, but this doesn’t help either.

The moment you’ve gone through all the possibilities to “tame” the boss and got no result, it’s time to think about ditching him/her. For another boss from the same company or from outside of it, but do it now or as soon as possible.

DON’T make your life more miserable due to a bad boss, you don’t deserve it. It’s very possible he/she cannot be changed, for sure others before you tried to do it. If you are as good as you think you are, and your manager is that bad, you won’t have any problem in finding soon a better job, along with a better boss. I cannot hide it though; there might be (very) bad bosses or (very) good bosses anywhere. In the long run, it’s your choice for whom you care to work.

Last, if you are a boss and people seem to leave you for no apparent reason or no other benefits, maybe it’s you. Or maybe not, but still it won’t hurt to look in the mirror or over your shoulder, maybe a miracle will occur for your subordinates.

Happy replacing!

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