Don’t happy, be worry

And yes, I mean it exactly as it is written be worry but it should be the other way round, without worry. Too much worry may  affect your liver. Many people worry that something bad is going to happen, with or without having a good reason for this. Most times, without.

be worry

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We can influence only a part of what’s going on around us, while the rest gets to influence us and if we let it affect us, we will have a good chance to worry about anything.

Here are worth mentioning two important aspects: first, if it’s about the things we cannot influence, it doesn’t help to whine. Second, if we can influence things, why put the bad outcome first.

Wow, how beautiful this theory sounds, as if it was drawn out of the brainwashing books, where they teach you it’s enough to want something and you’ll get it, without any additional efforts. Bullshit!

Let me help with some examples of things to watch out when you start worrying:

  • That you didn’t get something done 100% right. OMG, I think this is the most frequent worrisome symptom;
  • Listening to the all the misfortune others had and imagining their impact on you;
  • Hearing a rumor about a change. For sure the change will suck, that’s why it’s called a change;
  • Thinking that you are incompetent. On this I cannot argue with you, you may as well be right, but hopefully not;
  • Counting on assumptions and not on mere facts;
  • Establishing a daily routine for designing potential fatal scenarios;
  • Imagining you’ll get fired. Well, it’s not that easy to fire (legally) an employee. It’s not as simple as in the movies. You should get more chances to “recover” before getting fired and even when this doesn’t happen – you still have some rights as employee;
  • No matter the problem, you don’t consider the solution because you are convinced nothing will work;
  • Imagining you are not going to finish the work in time. Here you may have some issues haunting you from the past, but it doesn’t mean it should be the same every time;
  • Being afraid to be yelled at by the manager or by your colleagues;
  • Not getting the promotion you ‘deserve’;
  • Imagining something bad will happen during your holiday.

What can you do in order not to worry out of anything?

You may start with a retrospective of all the negative scenarios you had in the past and check them against reality. Most probably you will conclude  that (statistically) it’s not that bad. I hope it’s not!

Good luck succeeding!

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