Let’s Complicate

Why not complicate because it would be too embarrassing to simplify; especially when dealing with things that “have always been this way”.


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What can you actually do, so you don’t complicate your life at work:

  • If you consider that a procedure doesn’t make sense to you or you can simplify it – talk to your superior in order to change it;
  • Don’t do more than one thing at a time;
  • Don’t make the same stupid things more than once – not consciously;
  • Don’t expect things to be perfect, they aren’t and you’ll end up with useless complications and no results;
  • Try to put yourself in the customers’ shoes more often, so you understand what are they dealing with;
  • Ask your clients, as often as possible, what they would change. I am not talking about boring standard surveys, but an efficient dialogue;
  • Systematize as much as possible your daily tasks;
  • You don’t need six apps and 2 complex scales to locate your main daily priorities; you just need to set your most important three priorities and get on with it. While you would’ve been working on app four, two of the tasks are already done.

The more you simplify, you’ll notice you are getting better and no matter your position in the company – there are still things you get to influence. Hopefully for the better.

Good luck being successful!

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