Better Get This, Because I Am Only Sayin’ It Once

This is the path many managers walked on: they only say it once get this and expect you to know everything later on, you have to get this very fast. Or shortly after. In reality however, if the employees have not that much experience or if they come from a different industry, they cannot be expected to learn everything on the spot.

get this

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Legend states that you must treat employee as if they were your children. I am not saying literally treat them like children – simply explain more often during the learning stage, exactly as you would’ve explained certain things to your child for hundreds or thousands of times.

Well, there is also a stubbornness or denial stage, closely followed by the one when you let them bang their heads to the wall a little, but still refraining from saying “I told you so!”.

Even with a good induction program, followed by training and coaching, patience is necessary when dealing with a new employee. The minimum requirement from the employee is to wish to learn and put some effort into it, along with the right attitude.

You must also allow a minimum degree of creativity in their activity, pretty much like the following example.

At drawing class, a kid was drawing an angel.

Teacher asks:

– What are you drawing?

– An angel!

– With three wings? Where on earth have you ever seen a three-winged angel?

– But have you ever seen one with two wings?

The good part is that, generally, employees are enthused by a new job, they want to be noticed, to grow and advance in their careers.

Nonetheless, the bad part is that some are there just as headcount and soon that enthusiasm might grow weary if the manager doesn’t act on it. This means doing what’s needed during induction/training period, including e-learning methods.

A good training of a new employee, no matter how you call it, definitely has advantages on both sides as long as it’s done right.

Good luck being patient!

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