Good Boss, Bad Boss

How can you tell if you are a good boss or a bad one? Usually it’s pretty hard to realize, especially if you gathered around you a bunch of as*-kissers who constantly reassure you of your greatness. When you change teams or they change you, those will be the exact same persons who will bad mouth you every chance they get.

good boss

The first clue is that whatever turns out bad you blame on your subordinates. Of course you are deliberately leaving out the fact that you are responsible for them too and even if they did wrong, the one to blame is still you.

There was a time, long ago, when physical corrections were acceptable for  a joke. Any resemblance with real life is simply sad, but just for the sake of argument: John slaps little Johnny.

You know what was that for?

Johnny in tears replies:

I don’t know, daddy. However, it’s not fair to slap me without knowing why!

I am not saying that even nowadays there are still managers who, figuratively speaking, smack their subordinates. They do it without explaining to them what they did wrong, what are the consequences of the mistake, thus depriving them of a chance to learn from a mistake. I just don’t say it cause I don’t think is possible.

I don’t believe in the alternative “you do it because I said so. I am the boss”. Instead of explaining the reasons, they miss out on the opportunity to debunk the wrong scenarios. I don’t believe this either.  

I do however mention as often as possible that the boss, no matter if called manager, leader or moron, is a role model for his team; so, no matter if the behavior is good or bad, the subordinates will follow the manager’s behavior.

Regardless if we talk about micromanagement or whether you can rely on your boss or not – it’s very important to acknowledge that management means primarily organizing yourself and then the others.

A good boss works for the team and they achieve things together, while a bad boss simply expects everyone to work for him/her and then takes credit for the achievements.

What can you say if you wish to become a bad boss:

  • You were hired to do your job, it’s not my business how you get it done!
  • I don’t have time for you right now, but you’re fine; let’s do this performance evaluation quickly, it’s simply a formality;
  • Here you just have to do as you’re told, doesn’t matter if you agree or not!
  • You’re a … insert here any insult that can feel like a personal attack!
  • You are better/worse than your colleague!
  • If you don’t like it – go! I have like a hundred people lined up to get a job here!

A legend states that it’s better to work in a bad company having a good manager, than the other way round. However, it’s just a legend, because sooner or later the good manager leaves the bad company or turns it into a better one.

Good luck managing!

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