Only I Am Allowed To Do It!

I am allowed to do it, because I am in command of things and you’re not. Wow, what arrogance! Legend goes that you should practice what you preach. Let’s leave aside the minister and gain some knowledge on why you shouldn’t tell people they are not allowed to do something and you are.

i am allowed

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It doesn’t have to be about the statements you make, it’s enough if your behavior shows it, even if it’s unintentional.

Another legend says that women cannot ever be equal to men, simply put in the example below:

Honey, have you decided what you going to do on Women’ Day?

Sure, I am going with the girls to a male strip show.

Great! I have also spoken with the guys to go to a female strip club.

… Why are you crying, baby?

You don’t love meeee!

The shortest way to your failure as manager is to say something and do the opposite. You can ask your subordinates to stop smoking in the office. Doing this while holding a cigarette, may take an ugly turn when they put theirs out on your chair, with or without you sitting in it.

An example much closer to reality is to hold a dissertation on the importance of discipline and time management and frequently be late for meetings.

Employees copy all that you do, either good or bad, but the most dangerous behavior is the display of inconsistency and unpredictability.

The same as the world changes constantly, so do businesses. As manager you need to change and adapt too. This doesn’t mean giving up on principles – only if you change as an individual – and even if you changed is not always a bad thing. Don’t tell people to mind their own business while you snoop around.

Good luck being consistent!

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