I Didn’t Want to Do It, They Made Me

In other words, it’s not my responsibility, I didn’t want to do it but the boss/company made me. It’s some way of saying it’s not my fault that you have to do this, I can even confirm it is a bull-sheet. I am not taking any responsibility, but passing it to you.

i didn't want to

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Generally speaking, humans are built in a way that they prefer to fabricate culprits, rather than looking in the mirror. If it snowed, there should be at least 6 persons to be blamed for it and it is less important what can I do to improve current situation.  

The same happens when some unpleasant news is cascaded down the organizational chart. Yes, some nasty stuff has to be communicated in any company and most of the times the “source” will detach himself/herself from the “others”.

“It’s not my fault, HQ came up with this horse-sheet, my hands are tied!” – Most commonly used stereotype. On the other hand, if something good has to be emphasized, they’ll be the first to take credit for it.

Let’s recap: if it’s good I did it, if it’s bad – it’s their fault. Capisci? So the credibility of that manager goes down… the drain.

I have written before here about the fact that being a boss comes with both positive and negative aspects and until further notice the manager represents the company. In front of the employees the boss is the company and makes sense to be perceived that way, you cannot go back to being an individual.

Getting back to our own backyard, the easiest approach when something goes “unexpectedly” backwards, is to blame the manager. Rarely have I encountered managers who stop your initiatives – within the limits of internal procedures and legal boundaries, of course. I mean, if you can demonstrate that your initiative will bring some benefits, it will be welcomed. We must rule out those cases when you have a bad boss.

Don’t get worn out or brought down by failure. A bad manager can make you feel miserable quite easily and there is a higher risk of passing it forward to your own subordinates.

For those who see things exactly in the opposite way, don’t turn into a victim and also don’t take the blame for every tiny misfortune.

Good luck empowering!

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