I Told You It’s Not Okay!

How many times have I told you it’s not ok? Well, I am taking a break while you count, because it may take some time.

There are people who generally have made a life mission out of pointing out that you are doing it wrong. It’s very possible they are from Snooper’s clan and they will always find some bitter tone even when they praise you.

i told you

“I told you from the beginning that you are going to make it!” it’s pretty much the same, even though it’s not the most frequent thing you will hear in this context.

The fable described in the video, taking the form of an experiment with monkeys, will show how the monkey is prevented from climbing the ladder by its “neighbors”. This illustrates how much we are affected by others and any resemblance to life in a company is purely coincidental.

Making a mistake is not necessarily bad, as it’s not bad to try on your own and fail compared to listening to others. It also depends on how absurd a situation is, of course. If someone tells you it’s not indicated to bad mouth your boss in a room filled with 500 colleagues… using a microphone… and you still do it to prove that you are your own master – well, it doesn’t mean that the person is out to get you, just to state then “I told you so!”.

In your professional life, you may frequently stumbleupon stereotypes as “we always did things this way” or “this is how it’s done around here”. If you try to do anything different and fail, some benevolent colleagues will say: I told you, but you didn’t want to listen.

Fork them all, build your career on correctness principles (not necessarily on ‘political’ correctness, though), on having a spine and on your work. Work hard and it won’t matter when you screw things, it will be part of the progress. Yours and the company’s.

And when things get tough, put some extra effort into it, don’t stop.

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.”  Mark Twain

Generally “I told you so” is part of the desire to start an argument, so you can tell the other person “I told you: you cannot piss against the wind without getting a little wet!”

Good luck ignoring the haters! Don’t say I didn’t tell you…

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