How are Your Internal Customers?

Besides the “typical” customers, those that everyone refer to, the internal clients are just as important as the external ones. Thus, no matter your position in the company, they should be serviced just as well.

internal customers

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When you are in the position of choosing whom to take care of, it’s obvious that the external come first, but this doesn’t mean that the internal clients should be ignored or offered a poor “service”.

Sometimes you need to adapt to each of their requirements, like the example below:

A peasant and his son were picking plums.

Dad, what are we going to do out of these?

Well, if your mom comes home early, we are going to make compote, if not, booze.

When you are part of an organization, you automatically become an internal client for the other colleagues, and the well-functioning of a company is dictated by each employee – ensuring that the final product reaches the external client.

If John from screwing machine doesn’t provide a good service to Bob (who makes the screw hole), the company will not deliver. The external customer – Luxel – will suffer if those two have had a fight and as a side effect, the car will not have wheels.

Why should you take care of the internal clients at least just as good as of the external ones:

  • so you may contribute to pleasant and friendly environment at work;
  • because sooner or later you are going to need them and might get the same treatment back – either good or bad;
  • because you can increase trust in the product/service the company you work for is selling;
  • because every client is satisfied when you meet or exceed his/her expectations;
  • because such “treatment” will have as main consequence the satisfaction of external customers;
  • because it’s a way of solving the issues that eventually get back to external customer.

If you are alone in the organization, you don’t have to service anyone and this means you are a one (wo)man show.

If there are two or many, each of you is an internal client or “supplier” of the others, including the manager.

Good luck inside customer-ing!

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