How Much Time You Waste on the Internet?

I don’t think you realize how much time you actually waste browsing the Internet, that’s why the situation is so dramatic. We can mention here the no. 1 public enemy of productivity – Social media or even the basic emails – well, those count as online activity too.


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There are some rumors that your day starts like this:

The smart phone wakes you up, ‘cause it wouldn’t be smart if it didn’t. Without even getting out of bed you check what happened over night, either on Social Media, new emails or the news – not the tabloids, I hope.  

After only 23 minutes, you get out of bed and realize you are already late. You checked everything on that screen, but the clock.

You go to the bathroom, still carrying the phone in your hand or in the pocket, depending on your sleeping outfit. You sit on the toilet and… what do you do? Check on your phone for fresh info.

Let’s skip a little the bathroom episode and your multitasking skills brought to expert level. If you are trying to prove that you own that multitasking business, try to shave and wash teeth at the same time. So there’s no gender inequality bias, put on makeup and brush teeth for the ladies. I told you we are skipping the bathroom part, please pay attention.

You get in the car and set up your smartphone, but before that, you check if there are any updates you might have missed. If you are not driving to work it’s even better – more time to spend browsing.

Getting back to the car, ‘cause well, we don’t want to skip the story line: you start cursing and blaming all the corrupt politicians for the traffic jams and… browse some more, of course.

You get to the office and even if you start working right away, you still find time to check the phone – that can’t hurt anyone, right? Now, come on, a little Facebook catching up didn’t hurt anybody, even if you keep scrolling relentlessly for half an hour without being able to remember anything later on.

According to British scientists of Harvard Business Review from Brighton, Massachusetts: the longer we stay online, the less productive we are and the less time we allot to work. Don’t tell me that answering emails 6 hours every day can be considered work. Of course, we don’t mention here those whose job is generic mail addresses management.

You leave work and on the way home you are speeding with some significant MB or GB per hour. Any other extra activity is squeezed among the browsing breaks. The doctor told you that you may suffer from FOMO syndrome. You don’t trust the doctor, he/she probably read about it on the Internet – only a sham doctor can treat the patients this way.

No matter the other evening activities, uncle Internet is there with you: on the potty, on the way to the bedroom, even while your head rests on the pillow. Come on, everybody does this.

Naturally, any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental, and all of the above scenarios aren’t plausible and don’t apply to you, Off-liner you.

Last but not the least, I hope you didn’t waste time on the Internet reading this article, but you gained something. You know what…

If you wish to experiment a whole day of total Internet rehab, the drastic method, disable internet access on your smartphone/tablet and stay away from the PC or any smart screen. During the first hours you will experience sensations of nausea, cold sweats and even some restless finger syndrome; if you are strong enough, you’ll hang in there. There is life after the internet and when the clock hits midnight, you can browse as many devices as possible to recuperate the lost bytes.

Good luck succeeding, offline!

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