Why Don’t You Laugh More at Work

There should be some company policies – stipulating that you should laugh more at work. Yes, you read well, I strongly believe that one needs to laugh as much as possible.


If you laugh at the office, more often, doesn’t mean you are not doing your job. Not at all. Your job should not be a burden and given the fact that you spend most of your lifetime there (without counting sleeping time, not even the one at work) – why wouldn’t you simply enjoy it?

We go beyond the fact that you are a manager and everyone laughs at your out of date jokes, simply to make a good impression. A pleasant work environment has a lot of benefits for everyone, from employee moral to increased productivity.

In order to keep a positive tone, one that finds a silver lining everywhere, much of the fun at work takes place during meetingsWhen we take ourselves very seriously, the job becomes boring, no matter how stressed or busy we are.

Through laughter your mind opens, you even become the most creative one (no offence to your colleagues) and benefit from a boost of confidence.

From here to sending dozens of memes and jokes daily, it’s a long way; careful not to exaggerate.

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.” Anthony Burgess

Among the benefits of laughter, I would like to enumerate solely stress release, muscle relaxation, effective teamwork and an overall good mood.

Good luck with achieving high spirits!

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