How to Manage Your Boss

I mean how come, do you actually need to manage your boss? Really? Yes, and it will also prove very helpful on the long run. I apologize from the beginning to those who feel like being the masters of their domain or to the men who still believe they run the household. You are right, the wife is not a boss, she is just the decision maker!

Manage your boss

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Let’s get back to mere mortals who have at least one manager, ‘cause there are plenty who have more than one.

No matter if the manager is good or bad, you still need to manage him/her. If you want your life to be easier and the manager’s impact in your career to be a positive one; you need to be aware that some of your (un)happiness at work, as well as other aspects of your future career, are directly influenced by him/her.

What can help for a better management of your manager:

  • A first step would be admitting they are the boss;
  • Finding the right (for them) method of communication. It can either be email, phone, face to face, text message, you are the one who needs to adapt, not the other way round;
  • Bring a direct contribution to exceeding the manager’s objectives. Normally, their objectives become also yours, even if not directly. Well, the first step is getting to know the objectives better;
  • Give them good reasons to count on you and to trust you;
  • Don’t be a crybaby. I know it’s really hard, but you don’t solve anything if you JUST complain all the time and don’t provide any solutions;
  • Put yourself in their shoes. This can prove to be a little difficult especially if they are a few numbers smaller or if you never walked in 9 inch stilettos;
  • To treat them respectfully, without any as*kissing manoeuvres;
  • Pick up on their evaluation methods. It will come very handy when they check performance;
  • Have a (very) good performance, thus all the good energy will be channeled on you; or worst case scenario, you will be ignored on account of being unreliable;
  • Don’t criticize them in public or (much worse) when they are not around;
  • Constantly ask for feedback;
  • Give them the benefit of a doubt, doesn’t always have to be personal when you are affected by their decisions;
  • Get it into your head you can’t change them, much like it’s hard to change people in general;
  • Don’t try to become friends with them;
  • Keep calm, especially during those moments when you think you’ll explode;
  • Don’t interpret criticism as a personal attack;
  • Don’t ask permission every time you use the potty.

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your self-esteem, no matter the personality of your manager. You shouldn’t allow anyone to make you feel in a way you don’t want to feel.

Last but not least, it would be better if your manager is aware of you aspirations so they may help you and build a plan B once you are not around.

Good luck succeeding!

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