If You Suffer From Micromanagement-itis, You Weren’t Vaccinated For Sure!

For the sake of all employees, know there is hope if your boss suffers from micromanagement-itis. If you have a sick boss, help him. Don’t let him in his/her own misery, as it will torment you too.


Let’s start with the definition: micromanagement is the method with the help of which you explain to a person how to use the potty: the actual process, for how long to sit, how often, clearly defining all the phases.

How to open the door, how to wash his/her hands before the actual potty sitting, you may even want to discuss the whole process – whether to wash before and after.

The most adequate distance from the potty.

Whether you wanna use it sitting or standing.

Shaking or no shaking.

Hands behind the head drawing the week’s KPI’s.

From a distance to stimulate self-trust.

Or closer for a better view of reality.

By applying the guilty presumption, they surely aren’t performing. It may be the pressure, frequency or something in your gut telling you something is wrong.

It’s your call to decide when, how, why and how often.

You work day-light, night-dark because you have many subordinates and you are overwhelmed of the amount of work. You are well aware of the fact that rather than teaching them how to do it, you’d better do it yourself – make sure it’s a job done right.

IF you let him/her do his/her job, you can peep through the keyhole in the beginning. Then, after a ”trial” period, you can set a camera and just watch from time to time.

If your subordinate has in turn some subordinates, you can go along every time they use the potty, making sure he/she explains the process appropriately. Awww, now “wipe” this off your visual memory – the potty triangle.

Well, in the end, this should work just as smooth for both genders, but let’s not get too descriptive.

You are terrified by the thought of leaving for a vacation.

A manager with some common-sense will tell his/her employee that they noticed you are a little pale and that they wish you would use the potty whenever, however, no restrictions – it’s just that you need to reach your objectives.

A leader will let you go whenever, wherever, trusts you to make it on your own.

As manager, if you don’t cure yourself and make your subordinates go through this treatment, they might soon turn yellow. Don’t be surprised if they are lost without you or start wearing diapers.

If your boss is vaccinated against micro-management-itis, help him/her, they will understand. Or not. You can also try to get them vaccinated without them knowing. Solution is placing something stingy on his chair or in the morning coffee; make sure the daily cyanide dose stays within reasonable limits.

Let’s not fall in the other extreme when the manager asks how you are feeling once a year.

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.” Ronald Reagan

Below, it’s a macro-description of micromanagement:

  • Set up clear objectives;
  • Define a proper performance measuring and the time intervals;
  • Teach your people how to do it;
  • Give them the authority to make decisions;
  • DON’T ask every 5 minutes what’s the status;
  • DON’T expect things to be done exactly as you do them;
  • Stand back, measure; provide feedback along the way, not only at the end.

C’mon, it’s not that complicated.

Good luck getting vaccinated!

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