What Have You Achieved By Midday?

Tell me if this sounds familiar – when noon is approaching you realize you haven’t yet achieved not even half of your scheduled tasks? Don’t despair, you are not alone. Moreover, you are part of the majority. No offense, but according to the British style study I rolled out during the past 15 years – this behavior is no exception.


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Where does it come from?

It comes from chaotic performance and especially from the things that distract us while at the office or wherever you perform your daily duties from.

Time management is not the happiest choice of words in this case, go figure – you can’t influence time. Time does not stretch, nor does it compress, it’s simply a perception of the things you do at that particular moment.

The choices you make help you finish your tasks or work against you.

In order to organize your daily tasks and finish those that are really important, you need to decide first on the priorities.

What can help you organize the first half-a-day:

  • Wake up earlier. You can start by setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier. It’s not much, but helps especially on psychological level;
  • Before this, you should still make sure you don’t go to bed at 4:00 and set the alarm for 5:45;
  • Start your (working) day by setting three of the most important things you need to finish up by lunch – no matter what;
  • Avoid spam visits, both as host or guest;
  • I realize how important morning news may seem – starting your day with the colleagues while enjoying coffee; we both know the objective of these meetings, but avoid starting your day this way. During the days withf extremely important and urgent tasks, postpone the “let’s have a cigarette break” by at least an hour;
  • Set your phone on “airplane mode” or if not possible, on silent and lock it in a drawer. Nothing major will occur if you don’t instantly pick up, give yourself some time to call back those who were looking for you. The greatest enemy of productivity is the smartphone and its thousands of daily notifications. Needless to add that social media and text messages have a major contribution too;
  • Turn off your email app. Yes, you read well! Quickly scan all your emails first thing in the morning and if there is something important – put it on the priorities list. Email is a communication form, and while the affirmation “I have been busy talking” doesn’t stand – nor can you state you were busy emailing. I didn’t say not answering any of the emails, simply pause them while you have something important to do. If your customers don’t require immediate assistance, you can easily schedule emails reading three times a day, without any issue.

The time allocated to these priorities needs to be proportional to the effort put into it; and the activity per se should help you achieve your bigger objectives, not be a waste of time. You cannot say that your supreme objective is losing weight, but keep on eating junk (not exactly junk, you get the idea) that makes you gain weight e while chewing keeps being your only exercise.

Good luck (re-)organizing!

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