5 Most Read Articles of 2018

You’ll find below 5 of the most read articles of 2018, a corporate, fine dining menu with vegan steaks and leadership deserts, seasoned with personal experiences, more or less spicy. Click on each title to open the articles.

How to Manage Your Boss

Manage your boss

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your self-esteem, no matter the personality of your manager. You shouldn’t allow anyone to make you feel in a way you don’t want to feel.

Tell Me I Am Not Good Enough for a Job

not good enough

One of the most important responsibilities of a manager is to be able to motivate his/her subordinates – to know exactly how to „activate” each and every one.

Good Boss, Bad Boss

good boss

A good boss works for the team and they achieve things together, while a bad boss simply expects everyone to work for him/her and then takes credit for the achievements.

Ideas for Secret Santa

secret santa

Whether it’s funny, mischievous, useless or cute, Secret Santa is a tradition that many employees look for, even if they like to admit it or not.

What Can You Do When Your Employee is Depressed?


The probability that there are some people affected by depression at your office is huge; or you think you are above statistics. But it’s very hard to spot those people, and even when you do, a simple “you’ll get over this” won’t be enough.

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