Tell Me I Am Not Good Enough for a Job

Each of us has their motivation methods and one of the most painful (which is actually working for me) is telling me I am not good enough for a job. I am talking about something challenging enough, but achievable, not about asking me to become a Delta Force pilot in 10 days.

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One of the most important responsibilities of a manager is to be able to motivate his/her subordinates – to know exactly how to „activate” each and every one.

Nonetheless, if you leave motivation to your boss exclusively, you may just be unlucky to have a bad one and then you risk to find yourself in a distressing relationship, 20 years from now. I am saying this more in the direction of: Don’t be tempted to touch the hot stove because of the likelihood to get burned.

Another important component is each individual’s capacity to self-motivate. If you leave that responsibility to someone else, you might end up … motivated after 20 years or so.

Getting back to the title of this article, some of us are activated when told directly or indirectly that they can’t do something. It doesn’t matter the scale of the task, it can be about a complex project or about helping an old lady cross the street.

How come you are not good enough to do what others achieved before you?! Are you weak or simply lacking the ambition?

The easiest way to let go when things get tough is blaming others. You can also kid yourself into thinking that every minor progress like using the potty should be cheered; or you may choose not to compare with anyone, but yourself.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Don’t tell me you can’t do something. Instead, tell me you won’t do it. You can also tell yourself you can’t and increase the odds of not ever achieving that particular something.

Omfg, how motivationally-brainwashed this article sounded. Nonetheless, don’t hide behind external excuses, find internal solutions.

Good luck proving yourself!

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