It’s Not My Job To Do It

If I had a nickel for every time I heard it’s not my job I would be rich by now. In return, the legend goes that every grey hair I got it’s a direct consequence of someone using this expression. The silver lining is that I haven’t turned grey completely yet, but beware; the offer is scarce, very scarce.

not my job

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Of course, there are exceptions, just not present and I never heard this from any of my colleagues. NOT!

I’m not talking about the situation when you need help and you ask a colleague for support. In most cases you are going to get support, but I refer to the cases when a colleague constantly states it’s not his/her job to do that particular something. It’s like seeing an empty bottle near the recycle bin, but you don’t pick it up – it’s not your business, wtf. Moreover, if it’s not clearly stated in the job description, you WON’T do it!

I have never seen a job description stating that among your job responsibilities is to fix the front door. Well, unless this is exactly your job. But this doesn’t mean you should struggle every day with that busted door without even asking for someone to take a look at it. And keep ignoring it or refusing to report the problem simply because is not your business.

Generally speaking, «it’s not my job » syndrome resides in a lack of motivation, being loaded with chores or not giving a rat’s ass.

Some use the “it’s not my business” thing in order to get rid of things to do, so they put a load on you. In case this occurs rarely, it’s obvious they need your help and you needn’t have to worry.

If you really can’t do your job because you have to do other people’s job on daily basis – let them know politely that you wish you could’ve helped, but you have something more urgent to do.

When the organization’s leaders have the “it’s not my job” attitude and often point the finger elsewhere, this will be cascaded to the subordinates. This doesn’t mean you should use this excuse for not getting involved.

Good luck getting things done!

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