You Can Only Jump Once – Off the Plane without a Parachute

When you jump off the plane you have to consider the risks, and not having a parachute sounds like suicide. The same thing happens at work, no matter if you see yourself as a hot shot; don’t challenge a wall with your head.


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You may be right when choosing to cross the road on the green light and some idiot driver runs you over. The parachute in this case is looking both ways before crossing, thus saving your own arse from any potential risk.

This doesn’t mean that you should stand still out of fear of the unknown – so scared that you prevent a Facebook tag from hurting you.

A lot of employees (to say the least) have a tendency of excessive self-protection, based on “The less I do, the better and fewer chances to turn out bad” – Thus, flushing down the drain any initiatives in the Company

Without taking any risk, I don’t see you well – you become a Yes (wo)man who always agrees with the managers.

Any risk you take has to have a minimum degree of protection, even if you wish to learn how to “fly”, a minimum requirement is having a parachute attached to your back as buffer when hitting the soil/water.

In other words, ask yourself each time what can happen if you do that thing and what the outcome would be if you don’t. You don’t need to go through a lot of details as if making a risk management analysis for the whole organization – if it concerns just your job. However, it’s good to know the risks you get exposed to and whether the potential results are worth the risks.

Simply put, the assessment stages should contain:

  • what do you want to obtain?
  • why do you want it?
  • what happens if you pull it through?
  • what happens if you don’t… pull it through?
  • how do you approach it?
  • what is your field expertise and if none, who can you count on?
  • plan;
  • inform others on the risks, especially your superiors;
  • make an assessment if it’s worthwhile.

If it’s worth, go for it; if not, don’t go for it. But as you grow older, you’ll notice that you end up regretting the things you didn’t do, not those you did. It really doesn’t matter if they were good or bad.

DON’T assume that any risk you take will be automatically tolerated by the others; but if given a proper presentation, it can be managed.

Good luck parachuting!

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