Recruitment Is One of the Most Important Attributes of a Manager

Many times Sometimes recruitment is considered to be a  dull activity, meant to fill up the empty sit. I have written here before, the way I see recruitment and some tips that help with that. Meanwhile, very little has changed, except for the time allotted to recruitment.


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We complain about not being able to find the right employees, that the labor market is more and more aggressive with employers, that there are candidates who never show up at interviews, cause they won’t even bother to get out of bed for under a certain wage, etc.

I can’t say I would make much use of a man/woman who doesn’t have a minimum respect towards punctuality or calling in late, “sheet” happens – we are well aware of that.

We don’t have patience to choose a (good) employee because we have to fill the position as soon as possible. Yet, when we do, we choose the best candidate out of those who bothered to show up, even if he/she doesn’t meet the initial requirements.

Far from me the thought that the  employer is some kind of God-Boss and that every candidate should kneel before him/her, but collaboration should presumably be a long term one. “Co”-llaboration means something to involve both parties, no matter the side of the resume you are on.

When choosing a vacation or a car you start with a research, check many options, just to make sure you are making the right choice. When you choose a person to work with for a few years, you have to make a decision in few dozen minutes.

When you buy something mediocre or bad, not necessarily cheap, don’t be surprised if it breaks in a few months. The sad part is that if you do the same with recruitment, after losing the 3 months “warranty” (or one month if it’s a determined period), it’s much likely to settle for less – especially when you know how hard it is to find a replacement. If you care about the team you are leading, recruitment is the first serious step you must take in order to count on all you subordinates, not just on the newbie. After that, you must teach them the assignments, using (or not) the following pattern:

A family took a ride through town, when the child asked:

Dad, what is this big house?

I don’t know, sweetie!

Then, seeing a big statue:

– Dad, who is this person?

– I don’t know.

The third time, near a manifestation with hundreds of people:

– Dad, what do these people want?

– I don’t know, dear.

The child’s mother, annoyed by all the questioning:

– Give your father a break, can’t you see he’s busy driving?!

After this intervention, the father added with a proverbial patience:

– Honey, let him ask. How else can he learn?!

Good luck recruiting… for real!

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