Can You Rely On Your Boss?

It’s not so important to be able to rely on your boss, it’s VERY important. I mean to be able to walk up to him and say:

Boss, may I leave two hours earlier today? My wife wants to go shopping…


Thanks a lot, boss! I knew I could rely on you… it was a close one.  

Funny, we can laugh about it, but not being able to count on your manager is one of the worse things that can happen to you at the workplace.

can you rely on your boss

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First of all, being a manager means to know your subordinates, for better and worse. By showing that you are reliable will “backfire” by you being able to count on them them too. No matter what happens at the office, your first priority is your personal life. If at home something is not working, don’t expect some super performance at work.

What can the manager do in order for you to be able to rely on her / him:

  • Listen. Unconditionally!
  • Communicate in a transparent manner even when he/she deals with a delicate matter. Especially when the topic is quite sensitive;
  • Periodically they allot some time just for you;
  • Teach you new things that only they know;
  • Is available when you need them, not in a month time or whenever they feels like it;
  • Knows and understands your personal situation. Don’t serve me that invasion of privacy bullshit, ‘cause it won’t hold;
  • Has a constant, coherent, ethical behavior. The interaction with the manager doesn’t have to resemble a roller-coaster ride;
  • Doesn’t look for culprits someplace else, first he/she looks in their own yard;
  • When you do something good, the manager acknowledges in front of everyone, doesn’t take credit for it;
  • Makes decisions for the benefit of the whole team/company, not for a personal benefit;
  • Explains the decisions, not toss it in your face – “’Cause I said so!”
  • Doesn’t bad mouth the subordinates, the colleagues or the managers. If he/she does this, you are much likely to be on the same sh*t list;
  • They honor your point of view;
  • Doesn’t sit around and monitors: what time you came in, what time you left, how long you spent at the potty or smoking, how long you spent browsing the internet, just monitors the performance level. This doesn’t mean you can work only 2 hours daily.

What can YOU do so you can be reliable for your manager:

  • Keep your promise;
  • Be fair;
  • Anticipate;
  • Acknowledge your mistakes and ask for help;
  • Don’t make the same mistake again;
  • Accept a challenging project and don’t be such a hard-ass;
  • When something is not working, present more than one solution;
  • Understand their objectives and provide help when it comes to reaching them;
  • Do more than is asked of you.

I have stated before my opinion about the work ”famiglia”, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust your manager or your subordinates.

Good luck relying!

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