Why Don’t You Say Hello?

It’s not even that hard to say hello, not at all. “Hello” accompanied by a smile or by a more complex “How may I help you?” can work miracles.

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Let’s take it one step at a time. When you go someplace you greet people, even if you are the customer – this role doesn’t give you the right to forget your manners. When you enter a building, say hello, it won’t hurt you. When you exit a building, say bye, so you close the circle; if you don’t get any answer, repeat the procedure described previously – no matter if it’s at the passport office or at the gas station.

“Be polite; write diplomatically; even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness.” Otto von Bismarck

Being polite means that you first and foremost respect yourself; and secondly it shows others the respect you give them.

Even if this may sound like a manual for dummies, try it: look directly at the person you address, smile and greet in the appropriate manner .

By being polite, doesn’t necessarily mean you go along with anything and turn yourself into a yes (wo)man.

When you get somewhere, you say hello politely; when not receiving anything in return you may ask if anything is wrong. Usually (that doesn’t mean I do it on daily basis), the person in front of you quickly recomposes, confirms everything is fine and starts paying attention. Then you can also ask if there are any constraints imposed by the greeting policy, such as not being allowed to answer back to salutations. Let alone the awkwardness of such a moment, most of the times, you may notice a change for the better.

Legend says that if you greet on your way out, you have greater chance not to stumble for the next 5 seconds.

Last, but not least, “Please” and “Thank you!” became famous for bringing peace and building bridges; if you are polite with your subordinates, there is also a chance you have a better life as manager.

Good luck with the greeting business!

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