Ideas for Secret Santa

Holidays are coming and we have inherited, among others, a Secret Santa routine, this gesture of appreciation towards a colleague or even a family member.

secret santa

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Of course, this gift can also be something funny, something that highlights the flaws of the receiver, in an ironic way.

The full proof secret version is the one you do not know for whom you choose the gift, with the potential advantages and disadvantages of such a constraint.

In some companies there are some unwritten rules, such as that the value of the gift should not exceed a certain amount or that should not be totally useless, the kind that ends in the garbage immediately after opening.

What gifts you can (not) make for Secret Santa, depending on the “victim”:

  • a traditional Christmas sweater that you wouldn’t wear when you go out;
  • cookbooks, personal development books, old jokes compendiums;
  • socks with various patterns, from the ones with boss picture to ‘pizza slice’ models;
  • ‘funny’ ties;
  • sweets, of any kind or shape;
  • bottles of wine, spirits or still water, depending on the person’s drinking preferences;
  • personalized gift from a drawing / painting to a photo tie;
  • phone pouch in the shape of a strange animal;
  • anything containing unicorns;
  • an hourglass to figure out how important it is the time spent with/without you;
  • a strange key chain;
  • a refrigerator magnet with the destination you know they want;
  • pickle jar, jam, anything else with the picture of that person;
  • cup with the motivational message: “Thank you for …” or “Would be great if you could …”;
  • a “How to become …” book, to help them be what they want to be or, depending on the level of arrogance, about the things they should improve;
  • set of table tennis paddles, with that net that can be placed on any desk;
  • a fan, lamp, speaker or anything else based on USB or cable connection to mobile phones;
  • a clock, with some symbolic message for those who are late;
  • all sorts of other (f)utile, little things.

If you pulled the note with the boss’ name, that’s it, somebody has to do it too, and depending on how paranoid they are or not, you can go for a safe or a funny option.

Complications on this topic may increase exponentially if, apart from the initial draw, a new round of tickets is assigned for what each would actually like to receive as a gift.

Whether it’s funny, mischievous, useless or cute, Secret Santa is a tradition that many employees look for, even if they like to admit it or not.

Good luck shopping!

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