I’ll Start Tomorrow

Did everyone survive the syndrome “I’ll Start Tomorrow”, or do you move mountains already? Chill, it was a rhetorical question! I said tomorrow, not today – it’s not like you came back to read the blog post you read yesterday.

start tomorrow

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British scientists from all over the world, noticed that change most often happens after a disaster of some sort. It can be about losing weight, going to the gym, gaining leadership skills when you suddenly decided to become boss.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, when the glass (or plate) is full, it’s a call for change.

What is indeed bad is that statistically speaking, most of us wake up the next day saying:

–    C’mon, I can always start tomorrow, it’s the same thing. Procrastination is not the mother of all sins… yet.

As you set your alarm clock or smart phone to ring an hour earlier and place it farther from the bed so you need to get up – you can also prepare your gym equipment the night before and place it close to your purse or briefcase. Of course you can pretend not to see it and leave it there, thus pursuing some old (bad) habits of starting tomorrow…

The only thing keeping you away from something you planned is called indiscipline and you are the only one to blame for it. Don’t snooze!

I know you are tired and need a break, but this won’t help you in the long run. “Tiredness” will usually pass after ten minutes, but snoozing may keep on going for days/months.

You cannot convince me that someone else is to blame that you are not in the mood to do something. When I say mood I mean taking up gym, starting a project, learning a new language. It doesn’t mean you should perform 10 push-ups with back clap from the very start and that, if you can’t, you should not at least 2 half push-ups on your desk, like elders.

Your mind should not be focusing on which activity to postpone, but it should be always set on action and getting one step forward.

If you wish to quit smoking, you can do it now, not smoke a few hundreds today and quit tomorrow, as if it’s your last wish before death row.

“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.” Robert Kiyosaki

It’s hard to get started, I know. Boy, is it hard! But if you really care for yourself, you must do it today, as you are the one to benefit from it after all. I just hope you don’t expect results today, so don’t abandon when it gets harder.

Good luck starting. Today, not tomorrow!

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