How To Stay Motivated When Your Colleagues… Don’t Give a “Sheet”

No matter the line of work, it’s very important to stay motivated in order to move on – regardless of what everyone else is doing. It’s quite difficult to develop under a bad management. However, having peers or subordinates who pull you down, shouldn’t make you stop moving and developing.

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We all have different gears for working, but some have only two: slow and full stop. When you are in a hurry and accelerating and someone slows you down or stops you, you may feel like giving them a chilly pepper to stick where the sun doesn’t shine. Some may respond to that, others will not react, not even to harsher measures.

It’s highly demotivating to work a lot and see your colleagues not giving a rat’s ass. They can either be lazy or suffering from the Icouldntcareless syndrome.

Will you become better if you catch such disease yourself?! Definitely not!

Can you put the blame on John D. as he has not done his job either? Absolutely not!

Can you continue to do your job and ignore them?! Sure thing!

Can you bring this to the attention of your manager; share your views and how it affects you? Definitely!

So what can be done about such colleagues?

The best option is to talk to them, keeping the tone as polite and efficient as possible and expose the consequences of their under performance on you and on the customers. Don’t attack the person (I know it’s hard), but address their behavior and the results of their actions.  

Does this discussion help? Sometimes yes, other times no. Regardless, when you reach this point, the situation is bad enough so there is not much to lose.

No matter what, don’t complain to the customers that one of your colleagues didn’t do his/her job. The customers perceive you as a company representative and they are  certainly affected by the “Icouldntcareless, just get it done” syndrome – so placing the blame on somebody else won’t help at all.

Last, but not least, you need to consider that unless you are a one man show, you need to be able to get along with everyone at work.

Good luck succeeding!

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