Stop Complaining!

I know that sometimes things don’t go exactly as you intended, but without doing something about it, nothing is likely to change. So, stop complaining, it will ruin your complexion. Inside and out.

stop complaining

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If there was any benefit in complaining, I would understand it. But there isn’t, and besides the fact that is toxic, it might also attract a crowd who can confirm how everything is shitty. You needn’t have to be near the toilet when complaining.

Often enough, life’s not fair, but complaining about it, won’t make it anymore so. If you can solve an issue – great!, if you can’t – pass by it.

It helps a lot to cool off from time to time and speak your mind, but doing it daily, since the crack of dawn – not a good idea. I may even avoid seeing you, in order to avoid my shirt getting all wet from your tears.

“What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t complain.” Maya Angelou

You can complain about lemons being sour and not do anything about it. Or you can dip them in honey, NOT make lemonade or you can spread Nutella all over them. You can also simply get used to the idea that lemons are sour and the citrus family is sour and the Lemon God has not created them just to upset you. You don’t like lemons, fine! Stop squeezing lemon juice in your eyes in order to act bitter.

A positive approach always helps and there is a famous 1800 – something saying (internet not really clear) about roses: instead of complaining about the thorns, you can just appreciate the beautiful flowers on the thorn bushes.

This doesn’t mean that everything is going to be rosy and dumb as of today, no matter what. Stay grounded, cool off when necessary, but not a few times a day.

It helps a lot not being judgmental to your fellow men, hearing their arguments will make is easier to understand them. Or ignore them.

Good luck NOT complaining!

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