Are You Stuck on The Escalator?

Are there any moments when you feel stuck and can’t go any further? Welcome to the club! We all have been there at least once, whether we acknowledge it or not.


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Blockages are various, from traffic jams to lack of ideas and from very simple things to complicated “what the Funk am I going to do now?” stuff.

The most interesting part is unblocking, ‘because staying in a blockage is very bad for your health, both figuratively speaking and also in practice.

You are often in a situation of being stuck in a job you hate? So stuck, that it’s quite hard to get out of there without becoming a victim and creating a very negative environment for those around you.

Why do you get stuck:

  • You don’t know yourself well enough. Also, you don’t know what you want to do with your life or how to get there;
  • You have a false impression about yourself, usually a bad one;
  • You think that this is it; there is nothing left to do. It’s normal to have a bad job, what’s the point in doing anything about it, you cannot change it;
  • You are very often tired, work a lot, but without advancing accordingly;
  • Because Sunday evening you are terrified about the perspective of a new ordeal as the work week begins;
  • You are not “being used” at your real potential;
  • You cannot bring yourself to make any decisions;
  • The employer doesn’t invest in your development;
  • Your opinions are not taken into consideration;
  • You don’t want to make any change, because you are afraid of things getting worse;
  • You consider that there are others better than you, so you don’t stand a chance;
  • You enjoy the wait, maybe something will change for the better on its own. Things will change, of course;
  • It’s not very clear what you want to change and where you want to get;
  • You always compare yourself to others, you feel jealous;
  • It’s very hard for you to get up in the morning;
  • In case there are new positions in the company, you never succeed in getting one of them;
  • Your job is too easy and you don’t want to get involved more;
  • You work in a place where people get favors;
  • Being stuck is in most cases a state of mind, not necessarily of being;
  • You don’t know anymore how it feels to be content.

It’s very easy to say that you cannot get unblocked and blame the others, thus you have far more chances to feel miserably stuck.

Maybe it’s time for a change. It’s very unlikely (meaning no chance at all) for someone to come over and place at your disposal a perfect life and career, so the change must come from you.

Good luck unblocking!

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