Good Luck Succeeding

Yes, I know, it sounds a little odd to wish you to make your own luck when succeeding, but without your perseverance there cannot be any success. If you are not results driven, enthused and motivated by your future endeavors, you have a greater chance to fail.


The first stage is to clearly establish what you expect, meaning to have a clear objective.

What can you do to succeed:

  • Enjoy what you are doing;
  • Don’t let anyone rain on your parade;
  • Don’t expect the perfect strategy to start pursuing your objective;
  • Don’t think about the negative things that may occur, but if they do – have a back-up plan;
  • Consider primarily the mid and long term objectives, three to five years, but also consider the little things that contribute to them;
  • Consider the end result;
  • Think about the ‘whys’, not necessarily the ‘hows’;
  • Ask for help from those more experienced than you;
  • Have in mind the solutions, not the problems;
  • Surround yourself with motivated people, the achievers;
  • Visualize as often as possible the objective in order to stay on course;
  • Adjust direction when necessary;
  • Act, not just read articles similar to this one;
  • Give yourself credit when achieving something;
  • Self-motivate. No one has to do this for you. It’s possible that during certain periods, there will be some persons there to motivate you: managers, competition, adversaries, etc., but you are the constant in this equation;
  • The only thing that should run through your mind should be about winning, not failing;
  • Don’t abandon/quit – no matter how childish this may sound, pick a motivating song (or more) and use it;
  • Get plenty of rest if you wish to perform under normal parameters;
  • The same goes for exercise;
  • Try to outdo yourself on a frequent basis;
  • Don’t compare yourself to others;
  • Choose some role models;
  • Ask for help;
  • Have fun in the process, so you may start over if needed!

In order for all of the above to work, you need to have a discipline you can’t dodge; for example: if you want to read a book, do it at the same time daily.

Last, don’t be afraid, at least not as shown below:

– Come in, don’t worry, the dog is castrated…

– Really? I am afraid the dog might bite me, not mate me!

Almost forgot: it’s very important to have a clear definition on what success means to you, it may differ from one person to another. Just sayin’.

Good luck succeeding!

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