The Power of Decision

The power of decision is some trendy asset, most people crave for. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone acknowledges it, but from choosing the color of the curtains to the family car model, the decision making power is something you either achieve, earn or you are assigned.

the power of decision

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All men like to think they are the kings of the castle, while most women let them to simply knowing they are merely… the decision makers. It happens even though this “assignment” of power is many times implicit, for the subsequent peace of mind or to be able to say “I told you so!”- any resemblance to the corporate environment is purely coincidental.  

The power to decide in the company begins within the team and it’s not necessarily given by the position in the hierarchy. It may have to do with the informal leaders, those that have a bigger influence simply because others accepted it.

The decision of a boss who is only a boss with the name, not followed by an adequate approach in front of the team, reduces this boss to a (loud)speaker. Once the position is lost, the trust of the team will go down the drain.

The better you are at what you do, the stronger is your power of decision. First of all, this happens because your expertise will earn the respect of others. And secondly, because your superiors will delegate more of their power to you, since you already proved along the time to be reliable.

There may be some dilemmas in the decisional process, even when you are supposed to choose among two jobs or two mundane situations. What these decisions have in common though, is the outcome. For good or bad, a decision must be taken.

Not taking any decision is clearly the decision to do nothing and sooner or even sooner than expected, someone else will take the decisions for you.

Taking too many decisions will lead for example, in having too many products in the grocery basket. Not to mention the junk you buy and that will never be used or maybe will be used just once. There are exceptions to this rule, except there’s not any, of course.

If you can’t decide, ask someone what would they do if they were you and why. Try to leave aside the emotional load in favor of the reason and rely on the initial intuition, especially if it is a bad feeling.

Last, but not least, remember that you are what you are today as a result of your OWN decisions.

Good luck deciding!

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