How to Travel With Kids by Plane / Train / Bus

One of my favorite shows is to see how some parents travel with kids by plane, train or bus and how they treat them. Not only should they need a procreation permit, a (non)accountability test to pass before choosing to have children (because the poor kids cannot be blamed for this), but they should be forced by law to provide the bare minimum level of education.

travel with kids

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I am talking of course about the lack of education or common sense, and also about adapting to the environment. That’s probably the reason why you are not allowed to take a crocodile as carry on pet during the flight and let it eat everything on sight – “what are U gonna do, it’s a crocodile and it’s hungry!”.

The funny thing is that those children are not to be blamed for their behavior, they don’t know any better.

What can you do when traveling with children:

  • Allow them to pack their own luggage for the road with toys, gadgets and any other stuff that will help pass time; this way they are responsible for their own entertainment;
  • Take some time before the trip to explain all the traveling aspects;
  • Expect them to be nervous about the noise from the plane and not only;
  • Train/prepare them for activities that are supposed to keep them quiet: drawing, reading, tablet fun, etc.;
  • As much as possible, choose the early flights when they are still well rested;
  • Especially during landing, it helps to have some gum, candy, anything that stimulates swallowing; I didn’t say warm nuts in shell;
  • Don’t let them use the button to call the flight attendant as if it is their own bike horn;
  • Don’t drink alcohol when you take care of children. I am not saying you shouldn’t drink when you are on your own either, just suggesting it;
  • The same way as ladies are advised not to paint their fingernails during flight, children are not supposed to run free;
  • Better have some snacks with you, something they enjoy. It may help more than it would under normal circumstances;
  • Carry with you a “surprise element”, something they appreciate a lot.

It’s a proven fact that it’s less complicated to travel alone then having 4 or 6 children levitating in the plane; or it’s easier not to have very small children with you, but at least in theory you should know them well enough so you’re able to press the right buttons for each of them.  

You might wonder by now what has all this have to do with being employed. Well, there is a big connection, easily recognizable in everyday life. Especially when an employee does as he/she pleases, regardless of the other team members and the manager doesn’t care to teach him/her better and doesn’t provide any “entertainment” either.

Good luck being patient!

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