What Do You Do With an Workaholic Manager?

If you have an workaholic manager you have a pretty good chance that he/she expects the same level of dedication from you. Any resemblance to multinational (or even some multi county) companies, where the working hours stretch for over 10 – 12 hours, is purely coincidental.

workaholic manager

Once upon a time and after many days of observation of an unacceptable behavior, some co-workers gathered and decided to confront this situation with their boss:

Boss, we have a teamwork issue: we bust our behinds here, but as of last week John defies us all by leaving at 5. It’s unbelievable; we still have work to do, that is why we have another coffee at that hour. We cannot stand this any longer, do something!

Well, you guys… I am kindly asking for your patience regarding this issue. You know, John is a good colleague, we need to give him some credit – it’s just that he’s on holiday until Friday…

Getting back to the workaholic manager working all day and all night long – this constant challenge puts an unnecessary pressure on his/her team.

The first requirement to manage others is to be able to manage yourself. If you are not able to do that and your name is Captain Chaos, you should thoroughly consider the reasons for ending up in this situation. I am talking about a habit, of course, not the occasional exceptions during a special project or a major change in the company. However, even those should be handled with care.

While there is no work life balance in real life and the manager exaggerates daily with late emails and meetings that end during early evening hours; there is no reason for you to perpetuate these habits.

Don’t tell me that everyone does it in your company and you cannot escape, as it would be the shortest way out of the team.

Don’t tell me that the manager expects it and you cannot do anything about it, with or without the paid extra hours.

If this is really the case and you can’t do anything about it (but you are convinced you have a chance to a normal kind of work schedule), maybe it’s time to change the manager.

Productivity does not reside in the hours spent at work. You can sit there for 12 hours, pretend to be busy and just fuss around; or you can work for 6 hours and be super-efficient if you know how to isolate yourself from the crowd.

However, if your manager is a normal person, he/she should not care how long does it take for you to finish your daily tasks and grant you some private life rights.

Your position should be a firm one when explaining that your personal life is extremely important and that doesn’t mean you are not going to fulfill your duties.

These discussions with the manager should revolve around achieving goals and not on how much time you spent after hours or the time of the last email sent.

Good luck succeeding!

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