Your Priority Should Be the Family, Not the Job!

I am convinced that you know what is your number one priority. In theory you do. In practice, you might not be so skilled at managing your job outside work.

your priority

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You don’t have to be married to have a family; I mean this is about the loved ones you spend time with in general. I have seen families outside marriage and kids, as I have seen picture perfect families that emotionally were very far away from the concept.

I think that the commercial below illustrates very well how we DON’T offer enough time to our loved ones in favor of our jobs.

For a life partner is easier to accept, up to a point, that the other person doesn’t have time for him/her due to an “emergency” that can turn into a daily emergency. Constantly placing your partner on second place can lead to the estrangement or break on the long term, even though it is not officially called break-up.

When there are children involved, they won’t understand, nor do they have to, that you don’t have time. They know you are there for them, not someone/something else.

You know the story with “Daddy, how much do you earn per hour?” where the child starts collecting the sum in order to pay his father to spend one full hour with his/her father. Well, that story is as tough as it is sad, but unfortunately this is a solution in the mind of many children.

Don’t reject your child aside because you have to work, he/she won’t understand.

Don’t push them away because you “need” to scroll for something really important on the phone or tablet.priority

What can you do in order to give your loved ones the attention they deserve:

  • Don’t do remote work, but if you do, work “outside office hours”, outside their “working hours”;
  • In the exceptional situation of really having to work, don’t start immediately when you get home. You were gone all day and those who love you, need to spend time with you. Give them proper attention, even if it’s for a few hours. Attention doesn’t mean holding the phone and answering emails;
  • Participate in every important event of the family. The reason why you are missing something is not relevant: not even when the manager asked for something at 6 or if it involves the biggest client. We are not talking about exceptional situations occurring twice a year – shit happens category. I said twice a year not twice a day;
  • It doesn’t matter how tired you are when you get home, your time is for them. Even if it means that you will start working once they are asleep;
  • If you are a chronic workaholic, schedule some intervals when you are not working at home at all.

If you are a mom and don’t have time for your children because you have a career to build, you have a big chance to get fired from the most important job you have – that of parent. Don’t be surprised if your children or your husband fire you. You feel as you sacrificed everything for them, right?

All of the above can be eliminated if you succeed in increasing your work productivity and finishing all your tasks. Think of fulfilling all your job obligations in time as if you are working for yourself – earning time for your family, not the employer.

If you want a career and nothing else and this makes you happy, there is no problem in working day and night long. Even so, there will be a day when you ask yourself why you chose to do it.

When Judgment Day arrives and you didn’t make it to the child’s anniversary, you won’t even remember what did you have to do, but he/she will remember you weren’t there.

The most beautiful present you can give to your children is your attention. Not something material and not only during holidays when everybody tells you to be at your best, but daily.

Good luck succeeding at home as well!

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