Back To School

As the manager/employer you need to be there when your employees children go back to school and and help when school starts.

back to school

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First, be patient with the employees who have kids, especially those who are about to enroll them in the 1st grade. To them, this is one of the most important moments and it’s only normal to treat them as such. The emotional impact on the child is most often taken to the extremes, either positively or negatively.

No matter how important you believe are the meetings held first thing in the morning, you can postpone them – thus avoiding some discontented, belated participants; this is not an appropriate start of the day.

Don’t be surprised if they are going to be quite absent minded for a while, though physically they are present. They are preoccupied about their kids and it’s only natural to be this way.

Acknowledge that for a while, parents who start/go back to school (they all take it personal), will be slightly less productive and efficient.

Another important aspect to be considered is children getting sick, this always tends to happen when getting in touch with their peers.

Building scenarios about the child’s safety at school is also very frequent at this time of year. Starting with the teacher’s behavior to the possibility to get bullied or leave early and walk the streets alone – the office general  panic mood is not really an exception. This doesn’t mean that the employee has a work issue.

Most of the times, the first week is the worst, then everyone easily slides back to normality; some are more resistant, but they all end-up by becoming more relaxed.

If an employee is not comfortable with some personal aspects, he/she will not deliver. It’s your duty to help them go through such times with all the flexibility that may be needed.

Last, but not least, by providing them the flexibility they need when school starts, try to be fair and provide similar benefits to those who don’t have children.

Good luck getting back to school!

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