Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You’d better spend time considering why you comparing yourself to others. What does this do for you other than making you a little or a lot frustrated? It’s quite different to be motivated by someone better – rather than starting the day with “I am not as (insert frustration here)” which is not doing anyone any good.


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When comparing yourself to others you only feed your frustrations, your feeling of inferiority or jealousy – because the cases when people compare themselves to those weaker/less intelligent are quite rare.

When you compare apples to oranges, you make some value judgments that serve neither you nor the slipper any good.

For example, when comparing the results achieved by someone (let’s say they won the ‘Pickling’ discipline at the Olympics), with your early beginning (you get to make your first pickling tomatoes this winter), you have more chances to be demotivated. If you think of that person as a role model and wonder what can you do to achieve that level of pickling art – well, that’s a totally different approach. In other words, don’t compare the worst version of yourself to the best of someone else’s.

Luckily, we are all different and that’s why comparing doesn’t actually help. Best case scenario you might end catching up to them.

Comparing with someone else may also shift your focus on that son/daughter of a b*tch, instead of making you look in the mirror. Even if thy neighbor’s grass is always greener, a very helpful thing is for you to weed out your own yard and stop complaining.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

Next time you might want to try comparing with the person you were, what you did different and how did the change occur. If it occurred. If not, and you are content with yourself, it’s perfect. Ideal even. No need to progress, no need for more achievements, no need to listen to others. It’s solely your choice!

And when you beat yourself on comparing to others or with what they have, think of all the things you already own and can’t be bought with money.

Life is not a competition; you needn’t have to be better than the other person. However, it may help to compare to your previous self and upgrade regularly to the best version. You can either feel very good about what you have or miserable for what you don’t have.

Good luck succeeding!

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