What Do You Do for Yourself?

You are certainly doing a lot of things for other people, but what do you do for yourself? Sit down and write SOLELY the stuff that are meant for you and why. It’s not a very long list, is it? Not even a list per se…

do for yourself

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In the unlikely case that something happens, you are supposed to first place the oxygen mask on your face and then on your loved ones, blah, blah, blah – you know how that goes. As if any normal parent would do that before making sure the kids are safe, let’s be honest about it. But the whole procedure makes sense and I have always said that if you can’t take care of yourself, there are few chances you can take care of others. If you are not performing well, the slighter the odds for your reports to perform well and so on. 

However, getting back to you, it would really help if you start to seriously consider what you do for yourself. What are your (not so) guilty pleasures and how often you put yourself first – before anyone else’s needs? 

This doesn’t mean leaving everyone aside and becoming super arrogant and selfish, but to book some time for you. Just for you. Even if that means reading a book, going to the gym or for those of us with fluffy hair – to the hairdresser. 

I am not saying that you should allot yourself the same amount of time you do for others; this may lead to ending up alone for being so preoccupied with yourself. Nonetheless, no matter the schedule, you should save some time for yourself. If you feel this is hard to achieve, look for a gym, pool, dinner, concert, aerobics, cooking, knitting or pedicure partner; someone who can push you to do things for yourself more than you can find excuses not to.

I know, some will call it selfishness, but if you don’t do enough stuff for yourself, why do you pretend others should do? What obligation do they have to you?

Good luck succeeding!

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