Why Education Plays an Important Role in Your Career

As odd as it may seem, education plays an important role in the evolution of your career. From interview to promotion, education helps a lot, even if at times this influence may look barely noticeable.


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Education may include the one received at home and the formal one achieved while attending different classes – regardless of how “present” you were in the process. Most of the employers require a minimum of education, although they usually settle with any college degree. It doesn’t really matter that you didn’t learn anything there or that you majored in something completely different from the job you applied for; the learning process supposedly disciplined you a bit and didn’t go away like water off a duck’s back. 

It’s obvious that formal education makes a difference, be it high school, college or higher; today we are going to talk about the education you got at home and/or self-education. Yes, there is such a thing like self-education, when you realize the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ by yourself, even if no one taught you about them. 

How does education help you at work:

  • A polite employee has more to gain than a rude one;
  • You have more self-confidence;
  • You know how to treat other people;
  • Work ethics is hard to achieve without having a solid base;
  • The decisional process is easier when you were given proper credit at the right time;
  • You already started to develop your creativity;
  • You are more organized and plan ahead. 

Getting back to formal education… it helps, even the shallow one, but experience will help more. This doesn’t mean you should choose among the two, but rather that they hold no real value if they are not connected. 

Good luck succeeding!

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