You Cannot Treat Every Employee the Same

It’s the same as stating that every employee is different, that they don’t have the same needs and don’t respond to the same kind of motivation; this is a reason why I always liked the slogan “We are all different. Fortunately.”


At work, there are a set of rules that everyone should comply with and there goes the so-called differentiation between employees. The bigger the corporation, the more standardized the procedures, hence you need to adapt to do the same repetitive thing to get the end result.

I know everyone will start to talk about creating an open and creative environment at work because this is what we expect from our employees.

Let’s imagine that people will prove their creativity on the products they prepare every day – for instance, on that famous burger which HAS TO HAVE THE SAME TASTE everywhere in the world. As a result, the burger gets to be different in each of the restaurants that deliver your food fast … you may turn the words around if you like, as well.. I think it becomes quite clear why things should be standardized up to the smallest detail.

However, this is not the topic of this article, but rather  about the people who perform certain actions, no matter how boring and illogic they seem to them.

As a manager you have to know very well every team member, so you can understand better their needs and what motivates them. They each have different values, styles, responsibilities and qualifications.

This means that in no way you are allowed to favor one over the other. You need to address them differently, adapting to their tone, pulling out the best from each of them, the same as a coach does with his/her players. Not all of them get to be strikers or goalkeepers, but they all have clearly defined roles, to help achieving the team objective.

A manager should know how to listen to his/her employees, mediate when necessary and support them according to their needs without a bias.

As an employee you shouldn’t be permanently concerned about “what the boss would say”, given the fact that you cannot control that anyway – you can only control the way you react to their actions.

Luckily, we are all different and this should play to our advantage.

Good luck succeeding!

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