According to an almost accurate translation, FAQ mean answers to the most frequent questions which may pop up when something new is introduced or when there is a change.


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It may be about FAQ section on your website, which was created to avoid answering the same questions over and over again; or it may be about a new project or a change which was implemented and the FAQs are needed so “the clients” may find the answers they look for on their own.

Let’s say, for example, you introduced a new hand washing device, or wash and dry technology – a 3 in 1 device. Why three? Because it disposes soap before washing and hand lotion after drying.

Given the fact that it’s a very smart and sophisticated item, it is also delivered with an instructions manual. The manual explains everything, starting from how to use it up to how not to use it to clean your laptop and it includes a FAQ section too.

How does this FAQ sound:

Q: How should you use the device when there is no electricity?

A: Use the sanitary towels from the second shelf because we already thought that such a highly unlikely situation may happen to you.

Q: How far should I stand from the equipment when using it?

A: Well, not too far to avoid splashing water on your knees; also, not too close so the lotion does not hydrate your shoes.

Q: What happens if you get hand lotion at the beginning and soap at the end?

A: In such a highly unlikely situation, when the generator didn’t start immediately – it’s possible that the last software update may have contained a bug. There is also the possibility that a malevolent colleague switched the two containers, but let’s not play the blame game.

When you wish to make a useful list of FAQs, please consider the following:

  • It has to be short;
  • Every question should be relevant enough;
  • The answers should be detailed enough not to generate further questions;
  • The list should be updated frequently;
  • Don’t put there whatever comes to your mind, but actual frequently asked questions;
  • Use wording that it’s easy to understand.

If done right, any list of potential questions and answers will help you win over clients with realistic expectations, who will understand your product easier. Yes, it will also help to boost sales.

Good luck succeeding!

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