Why Going Back to A Company You Worked For?

When you get a job at a new company, it may happen that you won’t find there all that you have hoped for and then it’s very likely to think about going back to your previous employer.

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Sometimes, the company you are working for doesn’t rise to the level of expectations (which may not be necessarily realistic); and given the ongoing strive to evolve within every human – you end up in a position that no longer represents you or at least this is how you feel.

You feel you can do better and the current workplace cannot provide that for you. You can blame the company strategy for not representing your interests or the increased number of bad managers on each possible level – in the end you decide to leave. It may also happen not to share the same values, career plans, aspirations, or that the industry or salary don’t fit you anymore.

You actively look for a job and find something quicker than you expected and (obviously enjoying the moment) you announce everyone you are to leave the company. Remember that integrity is that thing that may “pull” or “push” you to go places.

You start the new job and, day by day, you get to realize that the previous job didn’t suck that bad. You find out also that each company has its fair share of morons and you don’t enjoy the workplace at all. Weeks go by and if at the beginning the bigger salary was truly important to you, you don’t seem to feel the same way now.

After a while it becomes quite clear that you don’t belong in this company and start looking for a job or wonder if you can go back. The previous company was not that bad considering the normal working hours and many other aspects you enjoyed.

In order to go back, one of the main requirements is to leave under good terms. Keeping in touch with your former colleagues also helps and the ideal scenario would be that the former employer calls you back when they have an opening. It doesn’t hurt to have also learned some new skills while away from the company.

If you were a good employee, your former employer has every reason to want you back. However, remember that like you went through some changes in the meantime, so the company might have made changes as well and most of all remember the reasons that made you leave. If everything is perfect and they don’t want you back even if there’s an “opening”, perhaps you are not as good as you thought or no longer fit with the organization.  

Good luck succeeding! Reloaded!

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