Why Everyone Hates Corporations

Everyone hates corporations because they are bacteria  eating all our resources, of course. If we look around us, from the device you read this article from to most of our possessions, we have to acknowledge that without the progress corporations achieved we would not be here.

hates corporations

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Increased productivity, generating increased efficiency and profitability – there you have progress for the greater good of the shareholders. In the early life of corporations, if you were making a profit it didn’t really matter what were the long-term costs. Today’s economy doesn’t work the same. You can be very profitable, but if you disregard competition or technological progress, you’ll be soon facing troubles.

Generally speaking, the role of a corporation is to improve constantly their services/products by optimizing the needed resources – which can be achieved by increasing productivity. You cannot produce 100 screws per hour for the last decade without decreasing the product weight, increasing quality or decreasing price. If you are not doing any of it, others will. The larger you are the bigger financial power you have to invest in innovation and development, which also means that you allow yourself to make more mistakes than others and this translates again into progress. Unless you are dumb enough to ignore competition.

You must take into account what you can be the best at and let others do what they do best, while optimizing the internal processes. This opportunity was sought after by those companies that work for the big corporations, providing different products or services.

There are factories that manufacture tens and hundreds of thousands of the same spare part for IKEA’s worldwide network. There are also call-centers that can provide services for corporations,  covering multiple markets.

To some, this means they can lose their job due to outsourcing of certain activities to a different location or outside the company; to others it can be an opportunity to develop.

Getting back to the hate against corporations, remember that almost everything you use is connected with a corporate footprint. Let’s not forget those who run from corporations to start their own business and selling their products or services to… corporations or corporate members.

Good luck succeeding!

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