Hypocrisy Is a Serious Condition

Not only is hypocrisy a debilitating disease, but most of the times is also incurable. The definition of hypocrisy: sitting around all day doing nothing but complaining about the “imbecile” boss or co-worker, while you’re ready to affectionately kiss their arse when being in their presence. When your favorite vocal register is falsetto, you can look for excuses in the Greek origin of hypocrisy – to imitate or to pretend.


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Nowadays, hypocrisy has a negative connotation, being generally about someone who says something and does the opposite. 

A manager cannot ask you to comply with the corporate policies as long as he/she doesn’t; this usually translates by keeping your word, otherwise you won’t have any credibility. The good part is that you cannot control how your manager acts, but can control your own behavior. Hypocrisy shouldn’t be something you need to put up with. 

When we are talking about a fake colleague, it may become even more difficult to work with them. There are those who say something when they are in front of you and other things behind your back and the best thing in this case is to keep the distance. Nonetheless, there is also a positive aspect to this – they are easy to spot due to their uncalled opinions on everyone else. If you think that the hypocrite has this behavior only regarding some people, you can be certain it also does it to you, when you’re not around. 

Getting back to the debilitating condition, the hypocrisy treatment starts when you ask yourself some uncomfortable questions. Trust is something you built in time and hypocrisy will not help you at all in the long run. No matter what you say – talk is cheap – and people will look at your actions. 

Good luck succeeding!

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