Why Are You Lazy?

Let’s not start with the usual bs that you are never lazy… I’m not buying it. I don’t believe you don’t experience such lazy moments daily, whether is about taking the elevator instead of climbing the stairs or sending a mail late because you can’t pull yourself together to do it when you should.


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This laziness is quite some pain in the you-know-where, it only occurs when you have to do something you don’t like. It rarely happens when you’re watching a really good movie to suddenly tell yourself you’re done watching. If it’s a bad movie though you may get tired while watching it or even drift off into sleep. 

This sudden laziness hits when you need to clean the house, take out the garbage or draw a report for your boss; so it’s more like a protective shield, most of the time an unconscious one. If someone were to ask you to do something you really enjoy, you would overcome idleness  in an instant.

When you enjoy something very much, you are energized, can’t wait to start on that particular something and your enthusiasm may inspire others too. The fact that it’s hard to exercise, activates in your brain some mechanisms that make you feel like you are not in the mood for gym, and you start inventing dozens of reasons to justify being lazy. You have almost convinced yourself and idleness takes over the part of the brain that tells you should have exercised – so here’s the guilty feeling kicking in. Of course, that’s in case you are not too lazy to even think about it. 

Not to overgeneralize, when a man tells you he will do something, you can be sure he will. No need to ask him every other six months: WHEN???

Good luck being lazy!

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