You Learn More From Your Colleagues, Than From Your Managers

It’s only natural to learn more from your colleagues than from a manager, simply because you spend more time together. From things strictly job-related that you need to assimilate, to the practical aspects, on who does what and where to find everyone.

Learn More From Your Colleagues

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The manager has a well defined role in the organization and that is not to worry about your arse all day, no matter how useful or new are you to the company. He/She has specific responsibilities towards each employee and even more towards a new employee; however, your boss will not teach you everything you need to know.

Generally speaking, you don’t work alone and can find someone to ask for directions during your daily activity, to learn about each project and the specifics of each department, etc.

What can a colleague do for you, when you are a rookie and not only then:

To help you network, purposely or less so;

To feel appreciated;

To constantly remind you that your family comes first and that you can be replaced, if needed;

To make yourself useful;

To be there whenever you need help;

To get you pick up their good mood;

To help you learn that you can solve a lot without complaining to the boss;

To teach you how to communicate in a  straightforward manner;

To make you understand that we are all different and that is a good thing;

To teach you the law of reciprocity: be kind and kindness you shall get in return;

To teach you about the power of the team;

To show you the issues they’ve experienced;

To teach you the power of self-motivation, that there is joy in eating a doughnut hole;

To teach you the value of conflicts and how to get by office politics.

I haven’t mentioned anything about what a colleague doesn’t do for you, but the topic is covered here and here on this blog. Nonetheless a cool team will often weigh more than all other important job-related aspects.

Good luck succeeding!

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