Do You Look Out the Window or in the Mirror?

In his book “Good to Great”, Mister Collins was saying that if you look out the window for too long instead of in the mirror (when considering things that don’t work), it’s possible you are not doing the right thing.

look out the window

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When something is not going well, the easiest thing is to blame it on external factors. A few months ago I had a discussion with someone who performed poorly, both individually and as a team leader. When I asked her to present the current situation from her perspective, all I got were external factors for which no one from inside the company is to be blamed. 

When I asked about the solutions for all the mess, I got the reply that there is no solution and without any doubt someone else should act upon it. I have always enjoyed the analogy that if you are not part of the solution, you are clearly part of the problem; oftentimes it was confirmed it is very much so. 

Getting back to our everyday mirror, it will help learning what you can change among the things you can influence directly, even if you see some small “wrinkles” others are responsible for.

Try to approach things differently, the other way around: when things are good, look out the window and when they are bad, look in the mirror. This doesn’t mean not taking credit for the positive outcome, just that a reduced arrogance level may be more helpful. 

We feel good when we can blame others because it goes in line with our self-preservation instinct; the “I have done nothing wrong” feeling which, we think, protects us from the harsh reality.

Actually we can influence the things that happen to us to such a great extent that we don’t even realize, as it is so much easier to place the blame on others.

Good luck succeeding!

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