You Can’t Have Performance without Measuring

You need to keep measuring every activity in order to track its progress/regress. If you go shopping for shoes, you ask for a specific size, one that fits you – not a “regular” or an “extra-large”.


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When you go to the gas station, you get charged according to the quantity you fill your tank with – not based on the cashier’s estimate when they see your face. When you travel by plane, you’d better know the exact departure time, the time you need to check-in, how long it takes to reach the airport and so on.

Now it should be clearer why measuring different things helps us. First, it’s important to get the best estimate on your position against the reference point.

How does measuring help in general:

  • It’s useful to reflect as clearly as possible the reality at a specific point in time;
  • To see the progress or regress at that point. We shouldn’t generalize though, measuring your foot size every month is not relevant;
  • To compare yourself versus other average values or exceptions from the same category, don’t compare eggs to trains;
  • To take decisions easier; decisions which need to have measurable results of course, either good or bad;
  • To act upon the outcome of your measurement;
  • To prove stuff. For example, if we continue to do this, we will have the following impact. Based on the results so far, this is our forecast;
  • To check if you are doing what you’re supposed to. If you wish to lose 5 kilos and after a month of “workout” towards this goal, you still need to lose 7 kilos – well, something must be wrong;
  • To register an improved performance and productivity.

No matter how much we like to wake up without an alarm clock and without measuring how much and for how long do we need to do stuff – the real world doesn’t work like that. If you wish to run the (micro) marathon, bake cookies or reach target, you need to measure. Measuring is important. 

Good luck succeeding, but just keep measuring it!

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