What’s the Deal with Motivational Speakers?

Motivational speakers are becoming common in many countries, and this was clearly a normal situation. Being a motivational speaker doesn’t necessarily mean you are a good or a bad one; the same happens when you live in a garage – it doesn’t automatically turn you into a car.

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The thing with the motivational “talk” is the same as with any other product – there are people willing to pay for it and potential clients who need to learn about how great the product is and be targeted by promotional campaigns.

“The job” to appear on stage as a speaker is not for everyone, even though it doesn’t seem that hard to just be standing there and carry out a monologue in front of hundreds/thousands.

If I were to do it, before teaching anyone else, I would make sure I know by heart how to do it and be great at doing it. As you don’t become a great football coach by playing for 2 years for a team no one has ever heard of – you can’t be a Life Coach at 22. It’s quite obvious I don’t see what you can teach me about life in this case.

There are, of course, the speakers who learned how to learn to swim by reading a book and in theory they are very good at this; if you throw them in the pool, their faces turn blue and they swim like doing the break dance. In theory, we all are fine.

Getting back to motivational speakers, without providing any name, I keenly follow those who actually did something and can teach others about it. There are a few knowledgeable motivational speakers, but I’d say they are enough to count.

“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs” Zig Ziglar

I cannot be motivated by someone who tells me that, by thinking positively I would avoid having weeds growing in my garden.

If you don’t work your arse off, not much will occur – no matter the level of enthusiasm you reached after a motivational conference.

As long as the motivational part is significant and it brings value, you are the sole responsible for the way you choose to use the information. If it’s something shallow, false or blah-blah on how believing is enough to achieve greatness – you probably deserve the outcome.

Good luck succeeding!

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