Let The Neighbor’s Lawn Go Dry

Hope you didn’t imagine that people don’t like to look ‘over the fence’ at the office, to make sure that neighbor’s lawn go dry, while they are being killed by PowerPoint, during tiring full day meetings.

It may seem as if this saying was invented for my compatriots, but envy transcends boundaries of any kind – we cannot take credit for it. There are no studies that can highlight the position on the envy-meter for various nations, but clearly we are among the best.

neighbor's lawn go dry

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From the fellow who achieved certain sales results (not that salesmen are a special breed, but their competitive instincts are simply more prevailing), to the grass that always seems greener on the other side of the fence – envy is omnipresent.

Generally speaking, jealousy is manifested towards something you owned and no longer have; while envy is directed to something you didn’t (yet) achieve.

When you are obsessing over someone else’s success, instead of learning from that person – self-esteem gets a hit and you might end up hurting yourself. Mr. or Mrs. Happy Go Lucky why do you have a cooler car than I do? Why?

What is envy?

“According to American psychologists Gerrod Parrott and Richard Smith, envy is a negative emotional reaction concerning the superior traits, achievements or possessions of another person. It manifests itself by social comparison to persons with higher status. When this behavior becomes automatic, we can speak of envy.”

Last but not least, it’s way more saner to enjoy what you have, instead of being angry about what you don’t have. I don’t recommend mixing competitive instinct or ambition with envy on your colleague’s accomplishments.

Good luck with watering your own lawn!

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