Nothing Will Work When You’re Not OK

Everything around has a direct or indirect connection to what you do and nothing will work when you’re not OK. Why is that? Because you have a great influence on everything that happens to you… how about that?!

nothing will work

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I once read something from Zig about  the way each of us can influence the following three months for the… worse. Yes, it’s only natural for this to happen, we can all pull a lot of stupid stuff that make us feel miserable and hurt others too. Without joining other motivational speakers who tell you that thinking positively will solve any problem – you are indeed the main responsible for changing  your next three months for the better.

No matter how many misfortunes you encounter and no matter how smart/capable you are versus those around you – the same principle applies: “Nothing will work unless you do.” Maya Angelou

You will notice that by falling into the negativity pool, nothing will seem to work, everyone will act against you and your whole body language shows you’re hurting.

You suffer from frequent implosions and when you can’t hold it in – it will burst. By that time it won’t matter who is in front of you or if they are guilty or not of any wrongdoing, just breathing the same air with you will be enough.  

What can you do to get back to your normal self:

  • Migrate gently from denial to acceptance;
  • Be honest with yourself and consider the change from within;
  • If you don’t enjoy what you do, perhaps it’s time to take into account other options;
  • Ask for help.

As long as you are not able to maintain a balance, it’s very unlikely you may teach others to walk a tightrope. You may master the theory of rope dancing, but when you actually try it you end up flat on your face. Well, that’s why on airplanes they recommend placing the oxygen mask on yourself first; so you remain conscious while helping others.

Good luck succeeding!

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