Can’t Push an Old Lady Down the Stairs and Ask Why She’s in a Hurry

I don’t want that somebody uses this against me in a court of law, so I will state from the very start that no discrimination should apply here and not only that you shouldn’t push an old lady down the stairs, but neither should you do that to anyone else.  Follow “Don’t try this at the office home!” warning in this case.

Old Lady Down the Stairs

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And now, after going down the stairs accompanied by your suspicious looks, let me tell you what’s this all about. Hope you didn’t think of me as almost half a century old teenager. 

The thing with pushing down the stairs happens sometimes when you want to do someone a favor to make them cease an “opportunity” they are clearly reluctant to. This doesn’t mean that you see it better, you may as well be wrong. 

Every person has their own bio-rhythm, although you may feel they move in slow-motion compared to you. For some, there are only two speeds available: slow and very slow, but this doesn’t mean they are not performing well at their own pace. When you try to push or pull someone, they might even stumble or fall apart for not being able to adapt to your style. 

“Life moves very fast. It rushes from Heaven to Hell in a matter of seconds.” Paulo Coelho

Not everything you do need to gain immediate attention and under no circumstance other people priorities should influence yours.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop giving appropriate attention to the DEADlines and let everyone know that’s your rhythm, so you can’t change it. 

Most of the times you can speed things up a notch more than usual, but you still need to have control over the speed. If your manager is trying to pull you using his/her SUV you shouldn’t hang onto car hood while you are riding a kick scooter. 

Good luck succeeding!

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