Don’t Wait For the Perfect Opportunity

If you are planning to wait for the perfect opportunity, you’d probably have a lot to wait in vain. Waiting for all the things to align so you can start working is like waiting for the perfect, high priority lane to unwind, one that allows you to advance without any stops.

Perfect Opportunity

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For example, the best teacher you can have order to learn a foreign language is conversation, but waiting to achieve (your) minimum reasonable level would probably require a lot of time – no matter what courses you are taking.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” Karen Lamb

Waiting for the perfect job – relax, it wasn’t invented yet! – while holding down a job that is making you miserable, it’s clearly not the best approach. You’d better start making small, but steady steps in your career, than keep waiting for the shareholders to offer you the CEO position. 

This doesn’t mean you should ignore the rational part and stop choosing your battles wisely when jumping at each and every opportunity. Most of the times you can notice some opportunities in various shades of grey, rather than actually seeing them in black and white. A ‘lateral move’ kind of opportunity will help you greatly in acquiring new skills, you don’t have to climb up the hierarchy every single time. 

There is a big difference between waiting for the cosmic alignment to get out of bed and making everything possible that the stars which are important for you come close enough to make you happy.

Any opportunity may bring its obstacles, but having the power to get up after stumbling and falling, surely makes you learn something.

Opportunities come up all the time, it’s only up to you to cease them when they ring your doorbell. If you are not ready to answer the door or not even out of bed ‘cause of course nothing good can happen, you might as well miss them. 

Good luck succeeding!

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