The Manager Sets the Tone for the Personal Life and the Professional Life Balance

Personal life is what, in theory, most of us appreciate the most. In theory. In practice though, most of the times you have a freaking deadline and realize that the life-work balance doesn’t exist. If this “exception” gets to happen daily, you will start blaming your manager or the company and you won’t be entirely wrong when doing so.

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Let’s start with the presumption of innocence, meaning you have no productivity issues and yet you are unable to finish your work in 8 hours because the workload is too big. I am insisting with the productivity because most of the times, even the most productive people can do more. It’s called progress.

Getting back to the balance we all strive to reach, if your boss is not serving as an inspiration, it’s quite probable your balance won’t matter either. Your manager may as well consider that if they can live without it, so can you. 

When you have a manager that takes into account his/her life-work balance, you have greater chances they’d respect yours. They will help you finish your tasks on time; will also encourage you paying more attention to your family, in order to support you to deliver an excellent performance. If things aren’t going well at home, your job will reflect it and vice-versa – if you are a manager you need to understand and respect this. 

The “sleep at the office, if you wish to get a promotion” method is not working anymore and the performance review processes are no longer the same either. If an employee wishes to dodge work, he/she can spend 12 hours at the office and act busy or accomplish his/her objectives in 7 hours. At the organizational level, the company culture has to adapt to the  paradigm of the present, as the employees’ personal needs are greater than ever. 

This is especially applicable to younger generations for whom the “corporation is my life” credo is no longer holding. If you can’t provide the minimum needed balance, they’d leave. 

Good luck succeeding!

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